My Joint Miracle: 2 Different Miracle to Me Methods for Joint Pain Elimination,  Boosting Joint Strength, Improving Joint Health,  Increasing Agility Through a Full Range of Motion... from the Outside In & the Inside Out... for a Return to Full Use of Joints, Stronger than Ever, Faster than Ever, More Agile and More Coordinated than Ever!


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Discover absolutely brilliant breakthroughs that I had popped into my head in a special way that led it to new ways of resolving my joint pain and restoring my joints to very strong and very agile status after three knee surgeries.

The principles in the My Joint Miracle System & the My Joint Miracle Protocol, to very different concepts share very interesting principles for body regeneration and joint regeneration that you probably never heard about before, including from your physical therapist (unless they bought our products).

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What's a Joint Pain Elimination System?

Firstly,  we have many joint pain elimination systems on our main site called

I've had to deal with all sorts of joint pain issues of my own overtime.  Since I was not finding any solutions to the goals I wanted in terms of joint pain elimination and joint health boosting I started making my own methods. These methods have evolved over time  into many unique highly effective methods that reverse engineer problems while creating very creative solutions that are very efficient and can be done pretty easily  and quickly.

 Although many don't like to talk about root problems and how the body works we look at these things. We look at the broad parameters of what causes chronic joint pain  and chronic joint weakness.

 Joints in the body are somewhat fragile. And the way most people treat their joints overtime they make their joints even more fragile. Well what we've developed is a large array of things that can be done to strengthen the joints  even unto old age.

What's a Joint Pain Protocol?

A protocol is a set of actions taken in systematic form. A protocol usually is associated with the use of nutrition, foods and supplements in certain combinations and frequency for the purpose of boosting health,  especially in targeting a particular area of the body.

A protocol can also be a general total body protocol that then affects the rest of the body and improves the whole health of the body thereby helping one achieve one's health goal.

 A lot of times a person can hear about something to do that is good for joint health, that is good for helping eliminate joint pain. But the problem is that there's no systematic approach to that good thing. So then that good thing isn't applied in the volume and frequency necessary in order to address the issue, in order to achieve the health goal.   Therefore you have a protocol with instructions on volume and frequency of the good thing.