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Snap! Crackle! POP!! Crunch...

Ahhgggahhhaaaaaa!   Nooooooooooohhhh!

Joint pain fixAnd there went the rest of my knee...

After initially SEVERING my ACL, as in chopped in two,  a doctor decided that instead of referring me to someone to fix that ACL that he was just going to clean it up and I would be "just fine".

So being the gullible lad I was at the time I believed him. It didn't make a whole lot of sense but since he was so reassuring and confident that I would be "just fine" so I decided to go along with it. Because I had no idea what else to do and "he didn't know who could fix" it which is strange for an orthopedic surgeon who is supposed to be able to fix such a thing himself. Anyways that's another topic for another time.

 Bottom line was: I had no ACL in that knee. I tried to up strength in that leg fairly well. But one day it wasn't enough.  I guess you need all the parts of your knee, as originally designed.  So after planting the wrong way during exercise, WHAM!  Snap crackle pop crunch... Ahhgggahhhaaaaaa!

Fortunately I had people come help.

 But this time I knew I did something way worse, yes worse than severing my ACL. 

And sure enough I tore my meniscus, cartilage and a few other things.

Now there was no other option besides getting reconstructive surgery. But fortunately this time I was able to see someone who was well-respected and who was it go to Orthopedic surgeon that the NBA used.

So that surgeon fixed it up. He cleaned it up. He did the patellar autograph to give me an ACL back. And so began my journey to being able to walk again, yet, with chronic problems that just wouldn't go away...

I wanted to return back to normal strength before injury and then take it up a couple more notches so nothing like this could happen again.  I tried and tried and tried but I was stuck.  I just couldn't get my knee back to normal and I just couldn't get rid of the chronic joint pain. 

 And through much struggle research and testing eventually I found a solution that was genius, that was highly efficient and that worked with the physical body so well that I was able to build back strength and agility in a systematic way. And I want to teach you this system in this course that I call...

My Joint Miracle System – My Awesome Method and Approach for Helping Get Rid of Pain, Weakness, Lack of Mobility & Fear that Liberated Me from the Imprisonment of Joint Pain & Weakness!


Discover the My Joint Miracle System:  It is  an Exercise Based System for Weak Joints Due too Past Injury or Lack of Use. 

My Joint Miracle Was Developed for Joint Restoration & Rejuvenation as a System for Helping Restore My Joints to Full Athletic Capacity and Ability, and Then Some! 

And the My Joint Miracle System Uses New, Special Techniques for Triggering What Seems to Be "Spiritual Mechanisms" in Terms of Using Higher Level Physiological, Psychological and Emotion Based Techniques.

These Techniques End Up Empowering and Coordinating the Entire Joint Complex into a More Stable Form. 

The My Joint Miracle System then Taps Rejuvenation Triggers which then Helps the Joint Cleanse Out and Then Build in Strength Layer by Layer.  

The My Joint Miracle System also allows for the "spark triggering" that is associated with getting the body to start producing proper joint fluids while triggering joint regeneration. 

"If you don't use it you lose it" I'm sure you've heard that statement.

But that statement can be frustrating.  What do you mean by "use it"? How do you use it?  My Joint Miracle answers that.

When you have joint pain or a previously injured joint, there is a lot of mystery into exactly how to move, even every millimeter of the way, so you actually boost the health and strength of the join and not make it worse! 

It's easy to make a weak joint worse if you don't know how to move in a way that strengthens it.  So therefore we address this issue exactly in the My Joint Miracle course.  Because this issue was especially important to me as it is for you. 

What Is the My Joint Miracle Joint Agility Restoration System Exactly?

  1. It's a home study course.
  2. It's a method of moving.
  3. It's a mechanism of moving.
  4. It's also a complete exercise system matrix that provides a very efficient 15 to 20 min. workout that can be done every day, every other day or a few times a week depending on what you need and what you're trying to accomplish.

Get started learning theses ground breaking revolutionary joint health boosting methods.  You'll be gaining powerful knowledge and insights that can provide you many benefits for your joints and the rest of your body. 

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Features & Benefits ot the My Joint MIRACLE Joint Strength & Agility Restoration System

  • Learn how to start listening to your physical body and not get distracted by various other voices from within your body or from outside of your body.
  • Learn why the establishment of a direct communication line with your actual physical body is very important when trying to strengthen weak joints.
  • Learn the concept of stimulation for repair and strength building while avoiding annihilation for developing the physical body, for regeneration in the physical body and for increasing strength in the physical body.
  • Stimulate. Little by little and layer by layer is the fastest way to great joints. But you'll need an exact method, an exact system to take you there.
  • Learn how to trigger activation factors for strengthening the joints in very smart graduated ways.
  • Discover how use exercise in a certain way that helps cleanse out the junk buildup that gets into joints while helping the body nourish the joint and deliver important nutrients including various joint lubrication fluids.
  • Discover our cycling techniques that help cleanse the joints and deliver important fluids to the Joint such as hydration, blood and synovial fluids.
  • Learn about the concept of electrical shock stimulation whereas the electricity is generated by your own body which then helps activate joint renovation, regeneration and the release of synovial fluid for joint lubrication.
  • Gives you a layered approached to build and build and build up joint strength layer by layer in what I have found to be one of the most efficient and safest ways to build joint strength.
  • Joint safety is priority number one, of course. This is especially important when trying to rebuild a post 3 surgery knee (a surgeon suggested non-repaired severed ACL which led to a tearing up several other parts of my knee... creating quite a mess). So I needed to develop a method of movement and mind and body that is physical body connected every millimeter of the way while looking to develop joint strength. When exercising the joints there can be no haphazard lackadaisical movement. Focus and intent must be there every millimeter of the way and I'll teach you how to do this. You need a WAY of doing this instead of just saying, "focus real hard" - It's easier than it sounds. And it's also a huge life skill!
  • Can help restore confidence in the joints.
  • In combination with a goal of agility and athleticism this system can be used to help build up joint strength for advancement athletic ability and achievement.

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Do You Wish You Were More Athletic?  Do You Feel Slow? Do You Feel Uncoordinated? 

The My Joint Miracle System creates a synergy in the joints, bones and muscles that makes everything feel more solid.

The My Joint Miracle System creates an exercise approach that allows the body to come in line. It activates new higher states of physical body existence.  Yes that may sound strange for now.  But we'll explain in the course. You've probably experienced something like this multiple times before .

This system will give you an exact approach for much more safe and productive exercise using your basic cardio exercises such as running, a way of moving and a particular matrix for a workout that will give you the exact workout so you know exactly what to do every step of the way.

Once my joint stability became stronger and stronger I became more able to move around and respond more quickly upon that joint to life events in general but also athletics.

When you buildup strength from every part in your joints,  then you will innately feel more able to start to move in different ways and move with more velocity in general.

A lot of people feel un athletic or uncoordinated because they just simply never built up the core, natural joint strength.  No one taught them exactly how to move in order to build joint strength.  Instead,  what a lot of people do which is move in ways that are not synergistic with the body that end up weakening joint strength are creating injury.  That makes progress go backwards or in circles.  This is why I had to develop the My Joint Miracle System, so I could make forward progress that built up my joint strength layer by layer.  You can have this too but you'll need to learn the details of this system.  Click the add to cart button below to start learning. 

Weight training certainly has its benefits but doesn't quite cut it for fully building back joint strength.  This is why the My Joint Miracle System had to be made. 


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Are You Athletic?  Are You In Sports?   

From Elementary School, to High Schoolers, Collage Athletes But Also and Especially PRO Athletes, You're Going to LOVE the My Joint Miracle Agility Restoration System Which You Can Use for Building SUPERIOR Agility and SPEED.

Have you ever had a joint injury?

When you do,  you start question every move you're making. Everything slows down. You get worried if you get hurt again. You don't know if you're moving right or walking in the right way. That feeling stems from lack of total strength in the joints area.  You can sense the weakness.  You feel that if step or move the wrong way that you could hurt the joint again.  And you're terrified of that happening. 

Also there is much psychology associated with an injured area.  In order to make progress at rapid joint restoration, continually moving forward in progress, you're going to have to figure out the psychological side of overcoming an injury.  And this psychological stuff can run DEEP.   

On top of that, if you don't know what's possible, you won't be able to tune the mind onto the possibility.  If you don't know how the body regenerates it's self how are you going to be able to develop a plan for triggering regeneration of the joint?  If you listen to negative mumbo jumbo by experts who don't know what they are talking about, you're likely to not focus on what can be accomplished or even go look for the possibility. 

I know I had fear "assigned" to my prior injured knee joint for a long time. But as I used my own system, The My Joint Miracle System, my fear started to disappear my confidence started building.

Quite frankly, eventually you need to DEMAND what you want.  You need to demand your joint be restored back to normal and then even better than before.  Anything is possible.  If you settle for less, then less is what you'll get.  If you go for what you want even demanding it then there is a very good possibility you'll get it. 

The key is to use the The My Joint Miracle System as a regular workout system.

It doesn't take long and can even used as a main form of exercise.

Now, I'm a big fan of weightlifting and I'm also now a big fan of self generated tension types of works outs that I developed over at, but for core exercise, a cardio type of exercise, particularly a natural one like running, is an overall health boosting, body cleansing, oxygen and nutrient delivery boosting thing that we all need to do several times a week. Remember that we're in modern times here and modern times has taken away a lot of the physical body engagement we were required to do in yesteryear. And a large percentage of people do not get enough physical body engagement which is required for good health.

I wish I had The My Joint Miracle System even when I was in elementary school. 

That would've set the joint strength and stability I needed at the time to give me a much greater edge in speed, power, agility and ability to react like I wanted to in real time in athletics.  I would have dominated in whatever sport I did.  I was close to doing so on many occasions but my body would just not respond the way I needed it to.  My joints were just not strong enough and I had no clue how to strengthen my joints  at the time without taking a step or two backwards at the same time. 

Man... if I would have had the My Joint Miracle System, I could have developed the joint strength to move like a monkey, a chimp, a cheetah and even a squirrel.  Pound for pound, have you ever really watched how supremely agility, coordinated, quick and athletic squirrels are?  I know it may sound funny but just imagine the possibilities...

Even as young as grade school can shapes your future for an athletic career all the way to the pros.  A lot of kids do not get nearly enough physical body engagement, exercise, these days either.  So they have a disadvantage and they absolutely need a smart joints agility system like The My Joint Miracle System, for example.  Imagine building up the joint and muscle strength using our techniques of powerful joint strength, agility and speed in the My Joint Miracle System...  If I had this system (and my parents made me do it) I would have been the fastest kid in my class from 1st grade onward instead of 4th or 5th.

I just always felt when I was younger that I just didn't have the stability, the core ultra joint stability to do what I wanted to do in athletics. If I would have the The My Joint Miracle System I would have been able to build up my joint strength to super strength. This would have to help me advance to much higher levels on through high school, college athletics and even possibly even into the pros based on my other skill sets and personality.

So you may want to also consider learning The My Joint Miracle System for your kids, if you have kids. You can give them a structured workout the doesn't take too long.  You can teach them how to move to better prevent injury.  You can teach them how to build their joint strength to better prevent injury.  You can give them a vehicle for training their body to be able to move faster in a more coordinated way. 

You don't have to do the workout every day either.  You just may find that your kids may get the edge to become  of the fastest in their classes while accelerating in athletics which can then help boost the overall confidence and success in multiple other things.

For Professional & Collage Athletes who Need a Smarter & More Efficient Way of Building Up Joint Strength

When it comes to increasing joint strength there are many different angles one can take. Of course you can think of lifting weights and doing various other body weight exercises. And that's important.

But for core natural agility, which you need in athletics, you are going to need a method that is going to help you coordinate the physical body in a harmonious way with natural movement agility such as running, stopping and starting hard and fast, juking and jiving and so on, in to growing stronger and stronger, layer by layer.   You need something that can spark joint strength increasing.  You need something that actually feels good doing to the joints and makes your joints feel better.  In all of my exercise attempts methods, the My Joint Miracle Method was the ONLY WAY that did this. 

Learn some key core principles from The My Joint Miracle System for the sake of constructively building joint strength and agility layer by layer.  Pick up a copy today. 


Get Instant Access for Only $39.97


After I severed my ACL and then tore up a bunch of other components in my knee (after my initial  surgeon did not fix my knee but only "cleaned it up" leaving my knee joint vulnerable), I thought my life was essentially over.

I thought that I would no longer be able to do a lot of my favorite things I liked such as: play basketball and lift weights and all sorts of other things that involve my knee.  I though I would never be able to exercise as vigorously as I needed in order to obtain and maintain optimal health. 

And for several years afterwards, this ended up being the case since my "health care experts" didn't seem to know much of anything that was actually effective in restoring my knee back to complete usability.  I wanted my knee back. And if the experts couldn't figure out how to do it then, once again, I had to figure it out myself.  This ended being a recurring theme in my life where the experts had no clue or gave really dumb advice which would cause further harm, deterioration which would then therefore set off a cascade of other health problems.  And I grew up in this industry of "experts".   And for the most part, with a few exceptions, these experts were more interested in doing their 'push button treatments' vs. 1. addressing the actual problem 2. reversing the problem 3. restoring and regenerating the body back into good health and even onto great health.

So eventually I got to the point where I figured that, if I didn't go figure out a solution myself, I would not get the results I wanted. And I wanted a restored usable knee, as I had before, yet this time stronger than ever.

I had to correct several problems over time myself because the "experts" I encountered had no clue how to do so and were very negative.  "It can't be done!"   "Don't do exercise you may hurt yourself."  (Translated:  just sit and rot because 1. 'we don't know what we are talking about'  or 2. "yessssss, just do nothing, waste away so we can give you more treatmentsssss.'  And their suggestions usually not only did nothing but also brought other problems.  

So I put my mind to it and started researching and testing various concepts, old ones from the past and new ones that I discovered that could help rebuild the strength of my knee therapeutically through exercise, but doing exercise in a different way. 

Eventually one day, I had this "aha" moment that was "zapped" into my head out of the blue that became the last missing puzzle piece.

And this concept, which I would've never thought of my own, was a thought and a vision of sorts, they gave me this crazy idea that seemed counterintuitive.

I thought, "no way, that's crazy".  Yet then I considered that everything I was doing up until that point wasn't getting me what I wanted which was a fully useable knee and the elimination of my joint pain.   So I figured I would try it. 

It felt really strange and even wild at first. But I went little by little.   

And Eureka!  It worked.  I was shocked and delighted at the same time.   Actually, I was down right giddy. It was the last missing puzzle piece I needed in order to figure out the solution to restoring the strength and agility of my knee!

And that  last missing puzzle piece that I received, as if a visualized explanation of sorts was shown to me while I was outside struggling to figure out that one key missing secret.  I didn't know what that one missing key secret was at the time, I just knew it was out there. And when that one missing key secret was revealed, that secret then went on to become the cornerstone of the "My Joint Miracle System"!   And history was made...

Well history was made for me. And eventually I thought:  "You know what? I better teach people this method because it's downright near miraculous."

Through the My Joint Miracle Joint Agility Restoration and Joint Pain Vanquishing System you can tap my over 30 years of experience in developing solutions for:  health, fitness, athletics, personal training, bodybuilding and strength training. So yes, I have a lot of experience in the matter of the building systems for the body in addition to developing systems for overcoming various health problems as well.

I have a lot to teach you. And if you learn my methods you will gain mini health superpowers of knowledge and understanding for better enabling you to prevent and overcome, future problems of all sorts as related to the physical body.

Discover My Amazing Joint PAIN MIRACLE System for Boosting Joint Strength and Restoring Agility...

Discover My System That Helped Me Break Through the Imprisonment of Chronic Joint Pain & Weakness Into The Restoration Of Strength & Agility in an Amazing New Way...

Learn My System to Help You Figure How How to Better Set Yourself Free from Joint Pain and Weakness!

person standing on cliff during golden hourAfter a lot of lame and bad advice from my “experts”, that did not work and often made matters worse, I used my own experience and willingness to experiment on myself to make a breakthrough new set of discoveries which I now simply call “My Joint Miracle Joint Agility Restoration System”.

And please do understand that I've had over thirty years and health and fitness experience, even as a personal trainer but also in athletics and bodybuilding too. On top of that I grew up in the medical health care industry so I've had all sorts of information made available to me over the years.

Also I've had a knack for fixing health problems even from a young age starting with curing my own acne for good in a month at age 14 since no one else could figure it out. Yes it's true. You can see my system for your self at

And I've gone on to create many more impressive health solutions from there.  I make these for myself and my own health & performance goals.  And now I share my many years of solutions and discoveries in courses like this so you can also reap the rewards of my work. 

So there's a lot of logic in combination with new ways of looking at fixing problems in the body involved in this product.

My Joint Miracle combines new ways of synergistically moving, combining the mind, the heart and the physical body and maybe even the spirit to be able to move in harmony for injury prevention, of course, but also for helping trigger, helping coax restoration, helping spark regeneration in the body to a more optimally healthy state. So this is not some random system. This was carefully sought out and tested over many many years in combination with my above-mentioned experience.

Now I appreciate the surgical help for cleaning up my knee while giving me a new ACL through the patellar autograph process. I'm very thankful for it. I don't think any sort of combination of duct tape would've worked in this case. But... could my ligament have been regenerated without surgery?

Not at that point in time and the knowledge I had back at that point of injury.  Yet as of this typing, new super nutrition based strategies and new tech inventions reports have been mentioned of being able to do so.   We'll have to see what happens on that front.  Regardless, we all have to MOVE, to exercise, to "play",  to be active or things in this physical body quickly start to deteriorate. 

But even though I was very thankful for this surgical procedure I was a bit frustrated since no one seemed to know how to fully get my knee back to original strength and even greater. I guess that just wasn't their thing.

So I had to figure out of several things on my own which I have had to do for a long time even from my teenage years when I cured my own chronic, miserable acne once and for all, and all within 30 days, in addition to many other astounding cures on afterwards...

After letting myself get depressed and really low for actually a few years, I eventually thought, "you know, I better do something about this this knee injury. It is wrecking everything else in my life..."

I started to realize how this one joint problem, even though it was a pretty big one, impacted the rest of my life and it turned me very negative. It started affecting everything else in my life. And one day I realized if I don't fix this then I'm in big trouble.

So out of that point My Joint Miracle was eventually born out of much study and testing and then that miracle "aha" moment where it was as if I received a "download of info from Heaven" that gave me the clue that sparked My Join Miracle System's creation.   Was it a download from Heaven?  Well it seemed like it because it was like a vision of sorts and like a though mixed with a voice instructions that taught me the My Joint Miracle Method which I then turned into a formal system which you have today.   Since I struggled for years to figure out how to restore my joints and the way I received this information which led to my actual eureka moment that solved the puzzle of me getting my knee agility back, I put this in the miracle category, or maybe some could call it a "mini miracle" (since it wasn't a miraculous healing all at once). 

And from that Point Years Ago I Gained Quite a Bit More Knowledge and Understanding of How the Body Works On Top of That Which I Put Into The My Joint Miracle System Course.

Valuable Insights Are Provided For How You Can Adapt And Even Manipulate Your Own Body to Bring About Better The Results You Want for Achieving Your Ideal Goals.

  • Learn about new ways of moving. It's in the way you move that produces results. It's in the way you move according to a particular mindset that can bring wonderful even brilliant coordination, agility and athleticism. 

  • Learn about performance mind states and how you can use them to coordinate strength-building while better avoiding injury.

  • Learn how to listen to your physical body instead of all the other various voices from within and from without so you can work with your physical body to help it repair and strengthen better.

  • Learn about emotional thought vs. cerebral thought versus the voice of your physical body so you can hear the secrets that your physical body is telling you so you can do accurate things to help your physical bodies health improve.

  • Learn about what the physical body wants more particular for joint strengthen repair activation. It was quite shocking when I discovered this pinpoint secret which is the Pivot Point upon which I was able to move forward in building this My Joint Miracle System.

  • And most of all, learn the My Joint Miracle SECRET that unlocked the door, that gave me that last missing puzzle piece for triggering joint regeneration, strength and agility so I could get my knee back.  Discover how this SECRET could help you in your own joint reoccupation efforts as well. 

What If You Could Restore Your Joint Strength All the Way Back to How It Was At its Strongest and Then Make That Joint Even Stronger Than Before?

Have you ever thought about the possibility? Have you ever thought about making that a GOAL? This is what I was able to accomplish by using THE SECRET behind the My Joint Miracle Method & System. 

If an "expert" told you it was impossible what makes them the all-knowing expert? Or are they making excuses because they have no clue or maybe because it doesn't fit into their limited treatments or strategies?

Have you ever thought of setting goals in terms of what you want in terms of joint strength and health?

Why not set some bigger goals because these goals can motivate you to give you direction for finding the answers you need to find. That's what I did and I found the answers and now I'm finding answers on how to make the body and joints stronger than ever.

Anything is possible. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

  • Discover the New World of high performance mental + emotional + physiological combination for getting highly in tuned with your physical body to superior levels of coordination. 

  • Learn to coordinate movement with what is going on in your body along with your your particular joint pained body part all in real-time. 

  • Discover how work with your joints (instead of against them) for the sake of helping coax them into healthier and stronger states.  Because there is a fine line between making joints stronger vs. making joints weaker.  Learn how to stay on the side of stimulating joint strength while better avoiding awkward movements and methods that make the joints weaker. 

  • Start learning about the “different voices” within you so you can differentiate which voice is your physical body's voice which is very good and important versus other not so helpful voices that you don't want to listen to while you're trying to move a weakened joint.

  • Learn about our systematic approach to proper physiological activation that starts to bring life in harmony back into a week stagnant area.

Take Advantage Of This Opportunity Today to Learn My Joint Miracle System's Method

Get Knowledge & Understanding from Over 30 Years And Health Fitness, Personal Training and Bodybuilding in Addition to Athletic Performance Methods and Music Performance Methods for a New Way Of Coordinating The Body & Triggering Joint Restoration & Joint Pain Removal...

Yes for many years after three knee surgeries I was trapped. I was trapped in this prison of joint pain. I didn't know any other way out. My health care professionals told me only negative things. My physical therapist told me a couple of good things but mostly were not helpful. I was missing out on 95% of the information they should have told me.

Do you feel trapped in joint pain?

Do you feel that you are not able to move as you once did?

Do you feel like a part of your life was taken from you because of a joint injury and maybe some joint surgeries?

Well if so I may have some hope for you. This hope comes in the form of my joint health restoration system I call "My Joint MIRACLE" - Joint Pain & Joint Agility Restoration System.

What does it do? It completely removed the chronic joint pain in my knee. And it completely brought back my joint strength and agility so I could run around and do sprints even once again. I could also play basketball again.

What's involved with the My Joint MIRACLE - Joint Pain & Joint Agility Restoration System?

I teach you a new method of movement and a new method of working out that is organized and systematic too.

The new method of moving is a  radical concept that actually teaches you how to have more coordination, be more safe while triggering body well being factors that help the joints heal. 

Then there is another approach to moving we teach you that is involved in the My Joint Miracle MATRIX exercise workout plan that is a key secret I was shown in that vision that helped trigger the "life spark" which brought good feelings and pain elimination to my knee.   This life spark concept also triggered a clean out of the joint, while triggering joint fluids back in, while triggering the process for joint regeneration well triggering the building of the strength of the joints in the surrounding muscles - all done in a physiologically synergistic way that teaches you how to move in better ways, be more coordinated and become much more efficient in your exercise. And guess what? I only do this program every other day!

The My Joint Miracle MATRIX is very important too because it teaches you the way of working out systematically, in sets and pauses that maximizes the flushing of junk and a flush of nutrients and oxygen to the joint area, all while allowing the synovial fluids which were triggered by the My Joint Miracle MATRIX  to saturate on through the joint providing excellent lubrication back into the joint.  

  • Joint regeneration sparking. 
  • The ONLY Way of working out the joints that made the joints feel better right away while working out and even better after working out.  Every other method of exercise for the joints left my joints more achy except My Joint Miracle. 
  • It removed my pain from the joints.
  • It boosts my mood every time I do the system (which is usually every other day for 20 or so minutes). It hugely boosts mood in fact. Actually If I skip a few days in a row it feels like dark clouds came over my body (which technically on the insides they do) as compared to doing the My Joint Miracle workout system. 
  • It provided hope for the return of youthful agility. And it provided the return of my youthful agility. I'm running faster vs. in my early 20's.  And my nephews can not escape!  Little whippersnappers.  haha
  • My Joint Miracle System can be used even if you haven't had joint surgeries but are just out of shape or you like you've lost a few steps due to aging.
  • My Joint Miracle System works with each individual from where they are in terms of ability or agility, even to the level of each millisecond in time.  This is an IMPORTANT point. The concepts behind My Joint Miracle System are self adaptive, even if you can barely move.  If you're ripe out of surgery you want to work one on one with your physical therapist or certified personal trainer who has expertise on the matter. 
  • Hence, My Joint Miracle System can work even if you can barely move or have to crawl.
  • My Joint Miracle System reduced and removed pain from across my body, pain that comes from stagnation from sitting around.  It helped with pain from lack of vigorous movement in addition to poor diet choices etc. all in one efficient 15 to 25 minute workout every other day.
  • My Joint Miracle System could be also a pillar of health in general, for the entire body. I use it to help maintain health, cleanse lymph, increase blood delivery, stimulate synovial joint fluids, loosen up muscle knots and stimulate regeneration.
  • My Joint Miracle System can be used to help accelerate speed and become faster from where you are. So for example let's say you don't even have any joint issues; you can then use this program actually to become more athletic and increase your speed. And that's especially important for younger folks and those who are looking to do athletics, or even those parents who would like to keep up with their kids.

Aging... What is aging?

We need to change your attitude about aging. Why? Because there are many things that can be done that can counter factors associated with aging.  From my experience, My Joint Miracle System is definitely one of them because it got me moving around as good as I did nearly 4 decades ago...

Aging Is Overrated and Does Not Need to be An Excuse Anymore For Joint Strength and Mobility.

Now in today's age, with so many discoveries being made available, due to the collaboration of humanity through the internet in combination with those who made specific special breakthroughs, like us, understand that there are ways to restore youth and regenerate tissue that most all of  us can do from home.

They're different nutritional things we can do if course but we found that much more rapid progress comes when we combined smart nutrition with new ways of moving as we teach in the My Joint Miracle System. It's actually quite surprising how we can use mind state performance techniques to coordinate the body, the mind and the heart (emotions) to higher levels of synergy and higher levels of physical coordination. 

Yes we've learned to use different types of mind state performance techniques that we pulled out of our performance mind state methods that we've developed in another genre of our products.  These mind state performance techniques were designed for sake of achieving virtuosic levels of performance in many endeavors such as music or athletics. So we were able to cross correlate a particular technique for My Joint Miracle and have discovered results that feel like near miraculous types of results in combination with the My Joint Miracle MATRIX.

And in the case here you can tap our 30-plus years and health, fitness, bodybuilding and personal training in addition to our ability to fix health problems for a long time, even major ones.

Learn How I Discovered A Mental Trick That Unlocked that Brought My Joint From Being a Weak Mess to Now Stronger Than My Other Joint In My Other Knee!

Yes the discovery of this My Joint Miracle Method is incredible because once I figured it out, then this discovery triggered the rebirth of my 3 times trashed, 3 times surgically "repaired" knee, after being stuck in pain and immobility for years.

I never thought I would have my knee back but thanks to this My Joint Miracle Method and System I do and I'm able to run around and do sprints so on and so forth even run around like a kid again - my nephews cannot escape me anymore! 

You're about to learn one of the greatest discoveries on the planet that you can do yourself without any fancy high-tech equipment for joint health strength and agility regeneration.

Just you and the road, or your yard, or yes you can use a gym or a house gym or even ... stand in place (if you're looking to restore your legs).

My Joint Miracle System Teaches You a Way to Move in order to Activate Factors That are Hidden to Most People.

Why do I say that? Because after years and years of Athletics, bodybuilding, personal training, coaching by physical therapist all while growing up in the medical community no one ever talked about:

1. The exact way to move every millimeter of the way. I mean, how exactly do you move, right?

2. How to listen to your physical body dynamically in real time and not your emotions or any other thoughts from outside or within.  The physical body is "the boss" and it can tell us most accurately, even dynamically in real time, how to move in a most perfect way that enhances the health of the physical body, the joints in this case while telling us how to prevent injury as well. 

3. How to move in a coordinated way exactly.  No one ever was able to exactly explain that (and yet we can); I've never even heard a single person address how to move in a coordinated way every millimeter of the way dynamically in real time. In fact I had to learn by absorbing mindsets from top athletes and other highly coordinated, highly skilled people, highly athletic and agile people in order to reverse engineer an actual mechanical technique for how to move in highly coordinated ways.  And now I have many of those techniques. 

Because if you don't learn how to move in coordinated ways, and I would even say multiple coordinated ways, and make them a habit,  then you run a many fold higher risk of injury while doing exercise or just doing day-to-day activities even. As you learn ways of physiological and psychological coordinating techniques then you can better prevent injury.  That is especially important with a joint injury.

And even on top of that, when you learn to move in coordinated ways that are physically harmonious with the body then you can start to make progress in building joint strength and agility without having these hidden or not so hidden setbacks.

Ideally what one wants to do is stimulate then regenerate, stimulate then regenerate, stimulate then regenerate.

And then one can build up a body to stronger levels in a linear fashion versus what most other people do which is, make a little progress, have a little setback from a little bit of injury or from just working out too much, overshooting, too awkwardly.

Yet from my experience with my own My Joint Miracle System, the stimulate then regenerate, stimulate then regenerate, stimulate then regenerate process is built-in, in a very coordinated way.  This system is a very detailed system that helps you better prevent discoordination and over training.

"How Did You Come to Figure Out My Joint Miracle System?"

Well first of all I have a very broad yet still pretty deep background and health, athletics, health problem fixes, complete solutions, even dance, music, lots of education and so on and so I also have a mind to keep solving problems and coming up with creative solutions. Why?

I guess I think it's fun but also I've had to do so out of necessity since growing up no one seemed to be able to solve my problems but only give me "magic tricks" to patch up the symptoms while creating other problems in me in the process. If I let them have their way I would probably be something closer to Frankenstein hobbling around or probably not even walking, today.

So from a very early age I had to start solving my own health problems and I did, starting with completely curing my acne in about a month while not having any more problems with acne .

So there is actually quite a bit that goes into the concepts in the My Joint Miracle System.

FAQ for the My Joint Miracle System for Joint Strength and Joint Pain...

Q:  How is My Joint Miracle System different from other methods of joint rehab and exercise? 

Traditional rehab did not work for me.  Weight training was great but it did not address the core, dynamic, natural, real time coordinated strength and stability that my knee joint needed.   Most approaches I've ever encountered were not very well organized or systematized at all.  They had no exact answer on how exactly to move every millimeter of the way that would strengthen the joint instead of weaken the joint or do nothing. 

Additional Clarity: understand that this is an exercise system. When you are dealing with the joints,  weak joints,  joints that were injured in prior,  you're going to have to be extra careful. On the other hand you probably have head  those types of warnings  before and in common sense of course one is going to get their own bodies biofeedback, especially the pain biofeedback, to be extra cautious when their joints are weak.  But using traditional approaches to  increasing and joint strength has left a lot of us stuck and frustrated. It seems that no  one tells us exactly how to move.  I wanted someone to tell me exactly how restore health to the joints and properly regenerate them.  No one tells us what can spark regeneration in the joints.  No one gives us a system to be done in a repetitive way through which we can rebuild our joint strength in a way that works,  in a way that makes your joints feel better right away and after the workout versus worse. At least that was my experience so eventually I had to find my own answers and from that pursuit: the My Joint Miracle System was born. 

Here is an insight to My Joint Miracle System  that is very important to understand. Most exercise programs if not all of them that involved building joint strength usually make the joint have more pain and create ache.  Those methods were very unpleasant and  cause people subconsciously to not want to do those types of old school, caveman,  joint exercise approaches.

Rebuilding joint strength should not be torture!  We need a method that can work right away and making the joint feel better right away while exercising, not worse.  And the My Joint Miracle System  truly is a miracle in that regards and that it's the only approach that made my joints feel instantly better while working out and then afterwards for days.

Q: "Does this only work for joints in the legs?"

No this principle can be used for any joints in the body in our opinion It's a method of movement. It's also a unique workout matrix. It's a way of sparking joint regeneration.  It's a way that teaches you how to move for every millimeter of the way . For other joints (as opposed to my knee), you would just simply need to find the action and reaction mechanisms of those joints and the My Joint Miracle method can be applied. You would just use different types of exercises but with the same principles.

On the other hand My Joint Miracle does indeed have a positive impact on the entire body and most of the joints in the body. I personally like to use running outside the most because getting fresh air and sunshine as much as possible is valuable. And with running, the joints of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and spine all get a nice workout.  Plus, running is a natural body movement which helps activate and strengthen factors related to increasing joint strength and agility. 

Q: "Will this work for people of any age? Will this work for people Who are super out of shape?"

Yes this method is DESIGNED to be individually adaptive because the mechanism we use is physically and instantly adaptable to where you are every millimeter and every millisecond of the way at any time and on any day.  Your physical body will tell you how to move and the maximum intensity engagement level of the moment.

We also teach you techniques on how to move much more safely.

We teach you how to start harmonizing with your physical body so you're able to hear your physical body at all times so you can work with your physical body and not work against your physical body, or your joints of issue.

Q: "What is Miraculous About This Program?"

The key insight that gave me the secrets to make the breakthrough, breaking through years of being stuck in joint pain and lack of mobility, came in a vision like experience as was was outside trying to figure out a new way to get my agility back.  It came in a vision where I was shown the secret in my soul and how it translated to my physical body.  When I had that clue.  I was able to figure out right away what I needed to do.  It was mindblowing and amazing.   I just had to chuckle since I totally did not get it before.  I had to chuckle in amazement too because IT WORKED! 

How about this: click the add to cart button and start learning these powerful techniques and system of the My Joint Miracle Method and System - and you'll be learning a powerful skill for life.

And just maybe you can use the My Joint Miracle Method and System to help your figure out how to eliminate your joint pain and help restore your joints to the strength and agility that you ideally want. Click the add to cart button and start learning!


Features of My Joint Miracle

  • A ~ 20 min. workout every other day or as appropriate for you for helping get back strength, agility and power back into your joints.
  • You are learning a method of moving, a way of moving back and help guide you every millimeter of the way which is absolutely critical when trying to rehabilitate a week joint.
  • The My Joint Miracle Method & System teaches you the MATRIX & The Secret I learned from that vision I had.  The Secret was the key that allowed me to start making progress in restoring my knee after years of being stuck.  The MATRIX provides you a brilliant workout structure that works exceptionally well at relieving joint pain and boosting the health, well being, and the good feeling in the joints.
  • A workout system that you can use the rest of your life for health boosting and feeling great. I use it as a core form of exercise even today.  The My Joint Miracle Method & System helps me reverse the pain and damage that build up from sitting in front of these computers too much.

Benefits of My Joint Miracle

  • Joint regeneration support.
  • Join pain elimination support.
  • Joint agility boosting support.
  • Joint strength boosting support.
  • Support for boosting joint speed.  I can run as fast or faster than my whippersnapper years because of the My Joint Miracle Method & System.
  • A dependable repeatable method for working out the joints and working out the body in general.  Old school cardio exercise always made my joints feel achy.  But My Joint Miracle Method & System makes my joints feel way better, getting rid of pain and actually providing a feeling of goodness and confidence in my joints, my knee joint in particular.  It's astounding how it works.
  • Joint cleansing support.
  • Learning a physiologically & psychologically harmonizing, body coordinating method method for better injury avoidance, for strengthening the joint more quickly, for having a more pleasant experience that can be built upon, for better avoiding going backwards in progress which is easy to do with old-school methods for joint exercise.  You may actually even start to crave doing the My Joint Miracle Method & System as I do!


Are you a physical therapist?

No. But a personal trainer that has moved on to the Internet to teach more people more efficiently my methods for achieving health & fitness related goals. Physical therapists have their methods, usually dealing with immediate postsurgical attempts at rehabilitation to a reasonable level of use. If you just got out of surgery you'll certainly want to work with a physical therapist.  Different physical therapists will have methods that will vary and I bet most physical therapists are learning all sorts of new stuff on a regular basis. I needed a more advanced approach, and more high-level approach in order to restore complete athleticism back and to even greater levels. And the My Joint Miracle Method & System is designed for increasing joint strength after physical therapy has established joint stability post surgery.   So don't skip your physical therapy sessions.  That said, you maybe able to learn some insights from My Joint Miracle Method & System to help advance your physical therapy progress much more quickly and efficiently.

"Can do this method on my own or do I need to have help from someone else?"

Well I can't technically  give you personal advice in regards to health since we are not your own personal licensed healthcare professional or your personal trainer, I hope you understand.  But to get a perspective: it depends on what joint you are looking to strengthen; I wanted to strengthen my three times postsurgical, weak knee back to normal and then some.

This method could be used for all joints, in my opinion. You just have to have a method of movement, of exercise that you can do on a repeated basis that is safe and effective for your particular joint. So many different people have so many different levels of physical ability, joint stress levels, coordination, prior athletic experience or lack thereof, prior exercise experience or lack thereof and so on...

So depending on the state of your joints (and this system was not built for immediate postsurgical state of joint strength - you'll want to work with a physical therapist on as mentioned prior), if you don't have a lot of experience with exercise,  then it would be a good idea to start researching personal trainers in your area who can guide you and support you and even spot you, catch you if you nee it through out your exercise session.  This product is designed for educational purposes to provide insight to the human body, mind, heart and soul, on how they can work in union to help better reestablish joint strength with an exact method of movement and an exact workout matrix.

How quick can I get my old joint strength back?

That depends on where you're at and what's going on in your joints.  What's really causing the pain and weakness besides lack of use?  Are their blockages, junk build ups in your joints?  Do you have a diet that chronically breaks down your joints instead of helping build them back up? The fastest progress I found the body is going by little by little and layer by layer but... But you need a goal.  You need to have an exciting visual of what you want to become, of how you want your joint to be.  Then keep working on your goal every day (unless you need recuperative rest).  And in fact I would do My Joint Miracle every other day.   So by focusing on doing the next little step as soon as possible, when your joint is ready and keep doing that next little step until you get the results you want you're going to have a good chance at achieving your goal.

Why Buy My Joint Miracle System?

  • Learn genius new way of moving that coordinates the mind, the body and emotions for far superior coronation every millimeter of the way when moving which is particularly important when dealing with weak joints.
  • Discover my, miraculous to me, discovery of the My Joint miracle Method & System which popped into my head before my eyes while in a vision like trance one day as I was testing out new methods for strengthening the joints.... it was if time stopped still and I had some sort of vision, an Eureka moment, where all of a sudden I realized a totally new joint pain removal and joint strengthening concept that I certainly would have not thought about before on my own ... Get More Info! Click!
  • Find out how I was able to develop a system with the My Joint Miracle METHOD. This system enabled me to develop the consistent approach that provides a framework for me to reestablish joint strength in a methodical way. So I didn't have to keep trying to figure stuff out in real-time anymore. I just do this system and it works really really well.
  • You're going to learn a powerful joint health and strengthening method for quickly boosting the health, agility and ability of the joints of people across the planet, even enabling humanity to advance the healthier and stronger levels.
  • The My Joint Miracle System is also a total exercise system for overall health boosting. It helps clean the "tar" out and relieve pain not only in the joints but the whole body.
  • My Joint Miracle System can also be used to help increase your speed, agility and general explosiveness for sports. Just set your goals high and use the My Joint Miracle Methods & System be the vehicle to take you there.
  • My Joint Miracle System gives you a new method of approach to better prevent those annoying injuries that easily happen, with most types of exercise methods involving cardio exercise. Learn the concepts and fundamentals from My Joint Miracle Method that can give you a better a better ability to better avoiding injuries, muscle pulls and joint tweaks into the future.
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