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Some of You Are NOT Going to Believe this...

Once Upon a Time... I had a lifestyle change which caused me  to go from gym-rat to computer geek. This slowed me down considerably and got me in front of a computer way too often. I also didn't like my local gym at all so I decided to stop going and try to do other exercise methods instead.

But I became so busy trying to finish these very large projects in front of the computer that I let my overall strength and Agility in my legs and joints slip.

And one day it happened.

I went to a gym and they had a basketball court.   The players assembled and we're short one guy. They needed one more guy to play basketball. And I just couldn't resist...

Unfortunately my joints got so out of shape that they were not ready. And in fact because my lifestyle change is so drastic from gym rat to computer geek I started developing stagnation not only throughout my body but particularly in my legs due to  so much sitting or standing in front of a computer.

I got excited and had flash backs to my Michael Jordan wannabe basketball playing days... 

joint pain method - Copy

So I played a game. Everything seemed fine.  So I played another game and then another and another...

Then my thrice surgically operated knee started tightening up and I started feeling some pain but it wasn't till I got home that shortly there after my knee swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe and II could not walk on it.   And I thought I ripped something again.

So I played a game. Everything seemed fine.  So I played another game and then another and another... Then my thrice surgically operated knee started tightening up and I started feeling some pain but it wasn't till I got home that shortly there after my knee swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe and II could not walk on it.   And I thought I ripped something again.

My knee was even worse the next day.  It was ugly lookin' too.  I had to hop around on one leg and use my old crutches. 

The feeling I had was one of those serious feelings as in that I felt for sure that I would have to go back and have another surgery. And I really didn't want to go back and have another surgery since these surgeries did not give me what I wanted which was a fully restored fully operational knee. 

I was in a panic and desperate. But this time eventually I settled down and I had this thought pop into my head.

Joint pain cantaloupe - Copy



What if I did something totally wild and crazy. Something totally different.  I needed information that I just didn't have. I needed information that probably no one else had except for maybe some hidden health guru out there that I would never find because he or she was suppressed by mainstream health.

In fact what I really needed was a miracle.  I wasn't really looking for an instant miracle for an instantaneous fix like you read about in the Bible or you hear about  from various ministries on TV or on YouTube. I just wanted something that was smarter that could be done that could reverse the problem and actually have the body heal itself regenerating all the way back to good form.

So I got bold and I got direct and serious and guess what I did?   You'll be proud of me.  I prayed!   Yes! I PRAYED!   And it wasn't me just blabbering on and on or repeating some prayer monotonous monologue as usually before.  I sincerely and directly asked what to do, what can I do.

And I tell you what,  these thoughts started coming into my mind like they were a mix between a voice and thoughts. I was given a protocol of natural supplementation with a certain dosing and frequency that I certainly would not have thought up on my own.

So I scrambled and I wrote it down.

It wasn't using anything to wild or crazy. It used natural ingredients that made some sense to be at the time but later made a whole lot of sense and I started studying these ingredients and the various clinical trials associated with them.

I got the supplements together and I started. Every day I followed this protocol. And before my eyes my knee started to get back into place, this cantaloupe-sized swelling started to shrink. What used to take months was taking days. It was as if my leg was regenerating, regenerating into into good form. And within two weeks my knee was back to normal.  I kid you not. 

I even was tempted to go play basketball with the whippersnappers again,  it felt that good. 

And I'm presenting this information to you today in a course teaching you the protocol and the logic behind it. I also include the system of use. And plus we will look at the correlating scientific studies of the benefits associated with the nutrients in this protocol. This is important as well because the nutrients and the protocol, the volume and repetition system of the My Joint Miracle PROTOCOL ends up revealing secrets to healing and regeneration that not many seem to understand. You can then take these secrets to potentially develop other protocols to address various other health goals 

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Plus after all I did the right thing and I received.   I actually asked, seeked and knocked you can say like  we are all supposed to do and I need to do more often!  How about you?

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Introducing the My Joint Miracle Protocol - an Actual Miracle Sent Down From Above, Yes, For Real, You're Not Going to Believe This!

The best proof I can give you of this protocol being downloaded to my head was that, back at that time, I just wasn't smart enough nutrient wise and dosage wise to come up with such a protocol. And since then I've studied A LOT of protocols and healing methods since my interest was so piqued by what just happened to me from a strange, powerful yet relatively simple nutrient protocol that needed only 2 weeks to fix by cantaloupe sized knee. 

I would have never thought of it on my own back then especially in that emergency type of situation where I needed help right away because I could not walk!  

But I can't take the credit for this protocol.  This was from God.  How could I be so bold to say that?  Because I asked God directly, seriously and sincerely for help.  And right away I heard a series of numbers and then the natural nutrients that were assigned to those numbers.  It was a very serious and powerful moment and I knew that I better not doubt what I was told whatsoever in my sense of innate knowing. 

So I'm going to present you to day with this opportunity to access this protocol in addition to correlating clinical research of others, the logic to how it works, the potential to be used for other health goals, and my step by step story through the application and how it worked.  And I put all of this info into this course I call My Joint Miracle PROTOCOL.

Just Got Tired of the Experts Failure to Fix My Knee

And I was so tired of going to doctors again and again, with failure upon failure, no answer upon no answer, wrong answer upon wrong answer. And I didn't want to be unable to walk for the next 2 to 3 months again after another surgery which would probably not make my knee any better than before. 

Yes they could go clean the junk out but then what?  There's no help with healing and regeneration. There's no concept or method for restoring the knee to better strength and ability than ever.  There's no concept of how to use nutrients so the body can replace it's own parts into optimal form.

So instead of turning to a bunch of experts with snakes in their symbol, I turned to God.  Yes. To God!  I just got really sincere and direct and I asked.  And this time I did something totally radical:  I listened after I asked!  And I heard this voice that was a mix between a voice and a thought; but I understood it.  And so this protocol was stated in such a way that I knew that this was God; you know, you just have that knowing.  So I wrote it down and actually did what I was told.   

And lo and behold, to use some King James Bible Translation wording, this protocol worked!!   And within about 2 weeks, my knee was healed.  It was better than ever.  It felt stronger and I was up and at en in 2 to 3 weeks vs. 2 to 3 months from another surgery which would have required rehab, and would have never been the same that I had before that.

So therefore:  in this mini course called the My Joint Miracle PROTOCOL I will teach you this method.  It's a valuable method to know and understand.  It's a valuable protocol for joint problems and it's has a vast array of benefits that are very much needed benefits in modern times, in my opinion. 

Discover My Powerful, Even Shocking My Joint Miracle Protocol that Helped Me Avoid Another Messy Surgery While Making My Extra Large Grapefruit Sized Newly Injured Knee that I Could Not Longer Walk On Restoring that Knee to BETTER than Ever!

  • What is the My Joint MIRACLE - PROTOCOL?   In a nutshell it's a nutritional supplement protocol fit within a system of using that helped me vanquish a cantaloupe -sized swelling from injury that was so bad I couldn't walk on it and would have had to have surgery  except for this protocol.  And when I say grapefruit I'm talking about old school Florida grapefruits that were a little bigger then a person's head -  and those great  grapefruits back then took two hands to carry.  
  •   This is a course  that you can access online that explains the protocol and a logic behind it  in addition to  the story of how I received the protocol.
  •  And for perspective this is not a diagnosis and prescription for you this is a course for educational purposes from which you can do your own research and develop your own version of it in coordination with your license Healthcare professional.
  •  I would not have come up with this protocol myself.  Even if I did some research and came up with a similar idea at that point in time I would not have done it with the particular systematic application that is provided to you in this course.
  •  Ultimately what happened was  my grapefruit size swelling on my knee quickly started disappearing and the pain started disappearing and by the end of two weeks approximately my knee was better than ever.   And what was to be a surgical event ended up being like a miracle to me at the time. I did not use any chemical medicines only particular natural nutrients in a systematic way as you'll see described in this protocol that I received after... praying!   Oh yeah!   It was like a download to my brain and it was electric meaning that,  well it seemed like it was electric!  I knew this was not something I imagined  and I didn't have enough knowledge and understanding at the time to imagine such a protocol. I know some people probably will have a hard time believing that I actually prayed and I received these words that were very strong and that I felt scared and kind of panicked to write it down and I also felt like I better do this protocol or I'm in trouble type of feeling. And the thing is I did it and it actually worked!
  •  Now later on I discovered that there is scientific clinical studies behind the ingredients,  as pertain to the logic of how the injury was reversed and how my knee started to feel better than ever. But I didn't find that out till later through cross-correlation of different discoveries I learn from various  natural master healers.   And the mechanical logic behind what these nutrients do especially in harmony and how they were able to reverse this grapefruit size injury which left me unable to walk on my prior surgically-repaired knee is incredible and a must learn for all who seek to gain advantage over their physical body,  to better avoid injury,  to have better and stronger joints,  they have less joint pain,  to allow their joints to be cleaned out better,  repair better and regenerate better.   
  • So the My Joint MIRACLE - PROTOCOL is very valuable knowledge that gives you personal power  to better combat and prevent problems to the Future and is are you believe tweakable  for a maintenance protocol For boosting joint strength and health all together.

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